• Estimating π using the State monad in Scala

    In an attempt to better understand the State monad in Scala I wanted to do something practical with it. One thought that came to mind was a simple Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the constant π.

  • Linux /dev/urandom and concurrency

    Recently I was surprised to find out that a process that I expected to to complete in about 8 hours was still running after 20. Everything appeared to be operating normally. The load on the server was what we expected, IO was minimal, and the external services it was using were responding with latencies that were normal.

  • Seek to a position in an ordered relation using PostgreSQL

    I need to seek to a given position within a sorted relation to fetch an object and it’s neighbors. To get the sorted relation I also need to filter by categories and a status column and then assign a position to each tuple in the relation so that I can seek to the position that I want.

  • Exploring the relative performance of different list operations in Python

    This past weekend, I attended the Python training session at USENIX09 in San Diego taught by David Beazley. He posted his slides and examples on his web site.

  • Learn one new language a year

    Taking the advice from the Pragmatic Programmer I set out to learn Haskell this year. My plan didn’t turn out like I expected. I started learning Haskell by working through Real World Haskell. It was tough going, so I decided I wanted to start blogging about it. It was than that I remembered that my blog has been neglegled for a long time (more than a year and maybe 2) and that I had been on the lookout for a different blogging platform for some time.

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